Earlier this year,  on a whim ,I purchased a professional camera and started taking online courses in photography. Simply as a hobby.
I attended a few parties  with my camera and took photos just for fun and sent them to the celebrants and guests.
So when my  dear friends commissioned me to shoot a set of pre-wedding photos at Lekki Conservation Center, I was excited and scared at the same time.
I did not want to let them down , being the amateur I am , but I was immensely honored to be asked.

The groom is cool and calm gentle  and the bride is vivacious and goofy ,such a ball of fun and they compliment each other beautifully. She is the playful one and he is the more reserved one, but its obvious he is smitten.

I tried my best to capture their essence and  friendship . I do hope I did them justice.

The sun shone for the first time in days and I believe the sun came out specially for them.We shot in natural light and the pictures came out beautifully.

The photos are still untouched and unedited. Captured in natural light.

Happy viewing.



Here’s wishing the lovebirds a blissful union.

Peace and Love to all.