To be honest, I’m enjoying this photography thing waaaay more than I expected to.

The event was the baby shower of a friend and I was asked to be  the official photographer. * I probably would have just made myself the photographer even if i was not asked . That’s how much i’ve grown to love this*

With a mix beautiful people and  yummy babies ,  lots of  smiles  and  laughter  , I was in photography heaven.

There was a bit of catching up with old friends and  games that were a bit too intellectual with all the writing and reading   * but fun anyways, shoutout to Amy 🙂 * .  The shower was a blast. I particularly enjoyed photographing the babies, they are just the cutest ever!

I know I still have a lot to learn about photography but for now I’m just having fun with it.

I took a  lot of pictures but I’ll be sharing just a few, unedited photos . enjoy!




The downside to being the photographer is that you never get to be in the pictures until you hand the camera over to someone else!

Hearty congrats to the (twice over) mum-to-be.

Peace and Love to all.