Welcome to my digital diary.

A student of life with many lessons learned in the past few years ; I hope to pass some across on this blog.

My favorite topic is Love ; God is Love; Love of Love is Love of God so I tend to refer to God a lot.

Blogging still feels weird and new to me, I  can’t seem to get used to it so I still have a couple of “opinionated” posts published privately.

Random posts about hair, photography, work , friendships, fitness and books are published publicly.

Reading expands the mind . Laughter a soothing drug. Music enriches life . Great friendships are priceless . Great beauty lies in the ordinary things of life. Love and Family is everything.

Some of  life’s lasting memories are found in words penned down in now tattered journals and diaries.

Follow the blog to receive new posts by mail. I don’t update as often as I would love to; but you can be sure to get notified as soon as I do.

Peace and Love to all,


Engineer and Planner , with a love for Music and Photography