June : The month of firsts

We are just halfway into the month of June and I am thankful and excited to have been privileged to experience some firsts  in my professional and personal life.

I just completed and delivered my first major project at work. A network expansion project with a tight schedule and a lot of dependencies. .It was so crucial and so many things could possibly go wrong. Thankfully it was successful and I am grateful to the amazing team of engineers who helped make this happen.

My kid brother Chigo, whose music career I manage, signed  commercial contracts with two of the biggest music content providers in Nigeria. MTN Music Plus and Spinlet.

This was my first big achievement as his manager and I am super excited for him.
The contract includes, Caller RingBack tunes ( popularly called “callertune” ) with different Telecoms Operators. His music will be sold on their platforms and he will have the opportunity to be featured in Music Plus Radio and Live Shows.
I’ll provide more info on this much later.Kindly look out for his content and support the young lad.

Last year on a whim ,I bought a professional camera and started taking online courses in photography. Just as a hobby.
I would attend parties with my camera and take photos just for fun and send them to the celebrants and guests.
So when my  dear friends commissioned me to shoot a set of pre-wedding photos at Lekki Conservation Center, I was excited and scared at the same time.
I did not want to let them being , being the amateur I am , but I was immensely honored to be asked.
And so I had first commercial Photo-shoot!!It was exciting experience  and i enjoyed every bit of it.
The vibrant and goofy couple were such a joy to shoot. I did my best to capture the love and friends that exists in their relationship.I’m glad I was able to show a bit of it in the photos.

After days of heavy rains, The sun shone for this couple.We shot in natural light and the effect was amazing. Some of the lovely ( untouched) photos by my amateur self and in this post.

I’m a creature of habit and I’m usually content with my monthly routine of washing and braiding my hair. But on a whim, last week, after the completion of my work project, I took a day off work to unwind.
I needed to make my hair over the weekend and could not imagine spending hours braiding so I decided to pay a visit to the KLS salon in Dolphin.
After the blow-dry ( which was my first since my big chop),  I could not believe the length that was my hair.It almost felt like it was not mine.
For the first time I broke my routine and my hair got its first ever professional styling. Kemi lewis worked magic.I am hooked.
Hair Post right here


The rains have been heavy this month and sadly it has affected my plans to take weekly runs with my new running partner .
This month I ran with a partner for the first time and I was so looking forward to doing it as often as possible.
For the first time in a long time, I could not workout/run over the weekend  because of the rains and it sucks. Looking forward to a rain free Saturday this week.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month holds.

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How has your month been? There are still a few more days in the month. Do something different , break that routine, try something new.

Take that first step.Pick up a new healthy hobby. Make that phone-call. Make the effort. Make that move. Go forth and prosper.

Peace and Love to all.