One of the most challenging aspects of adulthood is having to make decisions.  It’s a fundamental part of everyday life as there are oooh so many decisions to make every blessed day and making the right decisions is so key to living our best lives. It applies to every facet of human life , from the mundane things like  ” what to have for lunch”  or whether or not to eat cake at dinner, down to the important decisions concerning life in general. We can never run away from making decisions.

Here are a few tips from this month’s propel gathering; this meeting held against all odds. For more on Propel, click here.

These tips can be applied depending on the gravity of the decision to be made. This post might be a bit longer than usual but here goes.

God- The main tip here is to bring God into our decisions. Infact, bring God into EVERY aspect of  life- both big and small. Always ask Him to be at the center and in the midst of every decision we make no matter how big or small it may seem -cos even the seemingly small decisions can sometimes have huge consequences or outcomes.

The 10/10/10 rule – This can be applied to basic everyday decisions . It simply means how would I feel about this decision in the next 10 minutes , 10 days , 10 months or even 10 years. Would I still be happy with the decision? Looking back in hindsight would I feel like I made the right choice? Weigh the implications or potential ramifications of the decision. Don’t make decisions based on current emotions.

Motives – Examine your motives – Why are you doing this, are your motives pure and unselfish? Am I doing this because everyone is  doing it or do I really have what it takes to make it work ( doing a masters program, starting a business etc) . Am I venturing into something because I have genuine love and passion ? Do I have established motives or am is this just riding on a whim (tho spontaneity  can be a good thing, just as long as you are always directed by God.) .  Also sometimes the decision to do nothing, can also be a good decision as well. To thy own self be true.

Mentors– Know when to seek advise from mentors. Pick wisely the type of counsel and mentors you keep. Seek out people doing life similarly to how you want to do life and make them your mentors. They could be close or distant, it doesn’t really  matter as long as you get to learn from them and ride on their Slip Stream.Have wise, godly friends to aid your decision making process.Choose friends and mentors who live authentic lives and have joy. people who you can be sure will be honest with you.  Guard your heart and your space- Not everyone has to be part of your major decisions , only trusted people should be given that opportunity.

Credibility – Be a person of your word. Make a decision and stick with it. Be decisive about making a decision and always keep to your promises. Be trustworthy in your decision making.  This will give you credibility.

Finally I’d like to add that sometimes the decision making process can be tough but in these times our characters are molded, we learn patience and perseverance and we grow to develop godly qualities.

In every decision or move we make we should never forget our “why”, and let’s be guided in heart  to ensure that our motives or aim are always pure and good.

Above all, on this journey of life, let us always aim to  run and finish our race with Joy.God helping us all.


Peace and Love to all,