Being a lazy naturalista , I hardly pay much attention to my hair.
My monthly routine involves washing with shampoo , add leave-in conditioner and Shea butter and head straight  to the salon for braids – box braids, loose braid , kinky braids and all kinds of braids. Because of pain and the time spent in braiding, I carry my braids for a max of 1 month.

Sometimes, the time between loosening my braid and making a new one is a space of a few hours  and so I could go months without actually looking at my hair.

In the 18 months since my big chop, I had my first professional styling yesterday and it was a thrill.

It started with a blow-dry which i protested to because I never apply heat to my hair.Not even hot water. I was informed it is a per-requisite to the styling process and so I reluctantly agreed.As the blow -dry progressed,I was stunned seeing the transformation of my hair. I could not believe the length and texture that was  revealed. And the feeling of the warm heat on my scalp was so soothing.

Then the cool , calm and talented  Kemi Lewis started to style my hair and I saw an instant transformation. I loved it!