The first ever “Propel in Lagos” held today and I’m super excited to have been a part of it. Classic Chick Fest, a gathering of  different ladies from diverse walks of life , some of whom had never met each other prior to today. Amazing ladies whose hearts are after God.

In case you’re wondering what “PROPEL” is all about , simply click here . The convener of the Lagos chapter is the Fit and Fabulous Eziaha. She has done a great job in breaking down the idea behind the  PROPEL movement .

The Inaugural topic was Personal Leadership. During the session , a couple of salient points ( truths)  stood out for me which  I’d like to share. We may or may not already know these truths but still I’ll reiterate  as they are part of the keys to living our best lives yet and someone might learn a thing or two. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

1) Seasons- We all go through different seasons at different times- the good , the bad , the ups , the downs, the highs , the lows and even the in-between. We don’t get to choose the seasons but we know  we will experience different  life situations and we can “have it all” in every season we happen to be in.
Own each Season. Live it fully , authentically and most importantly live it joyfully.Every  thing we want  will eventually come to pass but in the interim , make sure you enjoy where you are at.
Make the best use of it.There is a reason for every season.Let each season shape you and mold you for better. The ultimate aim is to live our best lives at all times.
This applies to every season under the sun.

2) Contentment – We have everything we need to be happy in the moment. So Be Content.Work towards your aim or goal but be content. This is a prerequisite to living each season fully and joyfully.

3) Explanations and Approval – Your life story is between you and God.He is the author. You really don’t need to spend time explaining anything to anyone.Neither do you need anyone’s approval. Simply live right and enjoy your life.
Life is a race, don’t just run your race and finish your course, HAVE FUN ON THE JOURNEY.

As usual my alter ego , the PhotoG , came out to play so I have a couple of pictures to share. Enjoy.




Yup, we all had a great time and learnt a whole lot!! The next session is scheduled to take place in a few weeks time.
To know more about the propel movement and for in-depth breakdown of all PROPEL topics, follow Eziaha’s blog.

Eziaha is also an amazing Food and Fitness coach. She lost about 30kg in 4 months!! Read more about her amazing transformation  on her blog and thank me later. You will be inspired to develop your healthiest lifestyle yet.

PS. I need to learn how to professionally edit photos. I need suggestions on the possible courses to take, software to use etc. Thanks in advance.


Peace and love to all,