Total Distance- 5.03 mi

Time – 1hr 16 min

For the past couple of months , I have been trying to maintain a weekly routine of working out on Saturdays and Sundays majorly  jogging and walking.

On some days I need extra motivation to workout. Its usually a battle between my mind and my body.Sometimes I can’t get my mind to cooperate with my body and vice versa. My best workout days are the days when  both mind and body work in sync.

A few weeks ago , I ran into an ex colleague ( we worked in different departments so she was actually an acquaintance) and we got talking . She had just finished her morning run while I was just about to start mine.We agreed to hook up sometime and run together.

Yesterday we were finally able to sync up our schedules  and take a run together.This was my first run with a partner  (apart from my husband) and it was completely great.

We got to talking and discovered we are two people with the same aim/goal; to as much as possible make walking/running/jogging a lifestyle. Willing to work together, assist each other, motivate each other and look out for each other ,we started our run.

On the average I would go as far as 3 miles (5km) per workout day , in a total of 1 hr. The workout is usually a mixture on walking and jogging. Actually a lot more walking than jogging.On this run, we covered 5 miles in a little above 1 hr and I’m pretty sure this happened because we were two!

Running together I/we achieved more than we usually did on our own. We went farther, for longer. The journey seemed shorter,  the workout easier and a lot less stressful, time flew by faster and we exceeded our previous workout achievements without even  trying to.

We were a lot more motivated because  we drew motivation off each other.The burden of the workout seemed lighter;we were a lot stronger cos we drew strength from each other.

Breathing, which is  my biggest challenge while jogging was easier on this run, all I had to do  was  sync my breathing pattern to match hers ( she seemed to have mastered the technique of effective breathing while jogging). This way I was able to get enough air into my lungs while running without having to stop to catch my breath.

Safe to say on this run, I achieved 100% synergy of mind and body , largely because I ran with a partner.  We were so pumped and full of zeal we probably could have gone an extra 2 miles.I almost did not want the workout to end.

So looking forward to the next session. I would love to see if we can recreate the synergy and maybe go 8 miles!

I’ll be sure to update on the blog if I do.

This post and title was inspired by Amaka. Running partner from heaven!

Peace and love to all.