Welcome to May!

May all your dreams and aspirations come to pass this month . Amen.

I just did a check on my blog statistics and noticed this blog has had 40 visitors in the past months..

Huh? How? I’m genuinely surprised. I have readers ? No way! I’m psyched.

If you get to read this, do leave a comment below.I look forward to hearing from you.

It’s no secret that I love to write, personal thoughts and musings mostly. It’s also an open secret that I am scared of baring my personal musings so I publish posts privately.

So I tend not to “publicly” update the blog as often as i want to in keeping with my plans for the year.

This month, I’ve decided to diversify content and I’m excited to start blogging about HAIR!!!!!

Yep, Hair.Lol

Welcome to my new blog category

I cant believe this is me, blogging about hair. Never fancied myself one to blog much less blog about hair. Who would have thunk it.

I  don’t have a full view of what i would be doing with this series. I dont think i’m that much of an authority to write about (natural) hair considering the fact that I have been a naturalista for barely 2 years – A year and a half to be precise. However, I’ll play it by the ear and see how this goes.

In my opinion, too many ladies devout a shocking amount of time, energy and resources into trying to get full luscious natural hair ( fro).

Thankfully I’ve been blessed with healthy hair. A bit too thick and dry most times, but its full and grows without my having to put in much effort.

So I guess I am in a position to speak about ” how to grow your hair without having to put in too much effort”

I’m what I’d like to call a “Lazy Naturalista”

I stumbled into the “natural hair world” out of frustration with process of relaxing my hair. A process which for me came with a lot of pain .
I’d be writing about this journey, my “minimalist” regimen, my thoughts about the natural hair movement, My thoughts about hair care products and people’s obsession with them,the concept of “protective styling” and how it contributed greatly to my hair growth.

I would also post photos of my hair at different stages. I look forward to sharing.

Peace and Love to all.