What!?  It’s April already..Scratch that!,  April has almost ended..Can’t believe it.The months have flown by so fast.

So much has happened in these past months.. I’ve achieved some of my goals for the year.  personal goals,  work goals,  social goals..

I’ve also taken steps to achieve the goals I haven’t met yet and so far things are looking good.

Health wise,  I’ve lost a bit of weight. I’ve been able to maintain an active lifestyle working out at least once a week which i think is sufficient considering the fact that I incorporate other habits like taking the stairs,  talking walks when possible and eating healthy.So far I’ve succeeded in cutting out heavy dinners from my diet and my body thanks me greatly for that.

My marriage is in a very great place. The bond with my boo gets stronger everyday.. Friendship,  joy,  peace,  love still intact and growing more and more everyday. For this and many other blessings,  I am very grateful for the Grace of God.

I’ve also been able to maintain the habit of reading 1 book a month.Its all I can squeeze time for in my busy schedule. The last book I read was “Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers” Shout out to Ose  for lending me this book.

Work has been challenging and stressful but In all I have learnt a lot and grown so much in the past few months.
I’ve learnt some valuable life lessons which have spurred me on to push myself to achieve my full potential.I have also come to realize the need to achieve my full potential and not rely on past work. Always keep pushing forward , trying to achieve new things. The world is mine there for the taking and we all owe it to ourselves to seize opportunities within our reach.

Socially,  I have been a bit more outgoing.  Honoring invitations from friends, making visits to friends,  reaching out to friends. all in a bid to maintain friendships and generally  have a good time.  This past weekend celebrating baby Sean’s birthday ♡ was a blast.. shout out to Steve,  Amy and the rest of the crew..
Great company,  good food,  lots of laughter and the “tapping game”  (took me back to cabin days.. good times ). It was a lot of fun.

Haven’t had much time for social media. haven’t been on IG much or posted much online since January. I can’t say I’ve missed it much and I’ve certainly had a lot more time to devote to other personal interests.

Writing is still therapeutic for me but in the past months I’ve been writing solely in my journal.

Just thought to update the blog today.

P.S. this blog is still private and I haven’t really told people about it.I guess that’s part of why I’m not committed to putting up posts regularly.  (Coupled with the fact that I’ve barely had much free time )

 I’m thinking of “coming out of the closet” and posting the blog link on my social media pages.

I hope I eventually do it!

*fingers crossed*

Peace and Love to all.