Early January I wrote about the activities I planned to partake in this  year .

My planned activities are taking shape and progress has been made so far.

  1. Read a book a month.

This month,  I read the book – “Mystic River” by Dennis Lehane  and then started “when i was Gone” by Sue Miller which I am yet to finish reading.

Mystic River touched chords in my heart and evoked several emotions. I felt incredibly sad and Sorry for Dave Boyle. Kidnapped and molested as a child , he grew up fighting and suppressing shame, fear and a couple of other  alien and unnatural feelings which eventually led  him to commit a murder that eventually got him killed. Jimmy Marcus lived by the Gun and lost his first child in a cold blooded murder by a mute Juvenile. His Lack of patience and  inability to control his emotions  caused him to kill Dave, his childhood friend in cold blood .

“While I was gone” is a story of the past coming to haunt the present and shape the future. I’m still getting into the thick of the plot. I’ll post about it  when I’m done reading


2 Social Outings

Have not hung out with the girls since after the inaugural meet but I spent some quality time outdoors  this month . Afternoon lunches alone with the hubby and Outings with my siblings to celebrate my Bro’s relocation. We also celebrated my mum’s birthday and she was ecstatic.  It gladdened my heart to see her so happy.

3. Write More

So far, I’ve published a couple of posts  “Privately” and have a couple more in drafts.So I guess there’s progress on this. I write more in my journals,just not on the blog.

News Plans

 Run Active , Get fit

Over the past months I put on on some weight and I’m now 10 pounds more than I was 2 years ago so as suggested by the girls I’ve taken up running . With my running shoes,  killer playlist and Nike+ App , I’m ready to run the world.

3 sessions and  a total of 5 miles in  a cumulative  1 hr period, I’m still revving to go. I plan to sustain  the momentum.

How has your year been so far? Hope your have started taking steps towards achieving your plans or goals or resolutions for the year. If not, make that baby step today

Peace and Love to all