Its the 10th of January already, the days keep flying by.

I still do not not intend to have  resolutions for the year 2016. I’d rather prefer to have plans. These past few days, I’ve had a few ideas of some activities which could  enrich my experiences this year. These ideas are mainly inspired by  a few friends and the lovely ladies I got chatting with a few days ago. So I’ve chosen to adopt some of these activities and try as much as possible to follow through.

I’d be posting my progress reports on the blog to keep track of how well I’m doing in keeping to the planned activities.

Planned Activities for 2016

  1. Read a book a month – Reading Books was my first hobby before I discovered the Joy of good music. ( good music is an absolute Joy to my soul)..I digress. For the past few years i have not been able to read as many books  as i would have loved to. In  2015 i read only 1 book – The Pillars of the earth. Quite saddening.   This year I plan to make out time to read more books and rediscover my love for books. So….I’ve decided to take part in Naked Convo’s 1M1B Challenge . I’m so excited about this. Hopefully this challenge will keep me accountable and motivated.
  2. Bi monthly outings with friends – So I’ve realized that for some months now, I’ve basically been stuck in my own life, neglecting friends and friendships. I spend a whole lot of time with family and the in-laws to the detriment of my longest and dearest frienships.  Friendships are an important part of life and so this year  I plan to pay a bit more attention to my friends and try to maintain old friendships. I’ll do my best to make out a few hours  on two Saturdays every month to hang out with friends. I have a group of ladies to keep me motivated- Gee, Niffe, Bintili, Moweeta, this here is for y’all 🙂 Lets do this !!
  3. Write More– More inputs into my journals and diary and importantly update the blog as often as possible  to keep a digital copy of my thoughts- my hand writing gets worse by the day. I’m always in such a hurry to pen down my thoughts that I hardly pay  attention to the legibility of my journals.

This list is not exhaustive. These are just the few activities I am yet to  set my mind to at the moment. Travelling should ideally be on this list but at the moment I have no  made up my mind about it.

Regular workouts, Learning a language are also things i want to consider however looking realistically into the year, I can honestly tell myself that i may not be able to achieve them.Time will tell tho.

Peace and Love to all.