Yaay! It’s a new year. Christmas was a blast. New year’s day was fun. Had the best time with friends and family. It was amazing.

This is my first post I’m publishing this year.. tho there are about 6 posts in my draft.  Some are a bit personal and tho this blog is not yet public I’m not quite comfortable with publishing them..

However I keep feeling the urge write personal  posts as there that might  a thing or 2 to learn from my experiences.  Still…  sigh..  I don’t know if i should.. still here goes..

It’s the 3rd of January already.How time flies! This is the period when most people are making  resolutions and plans for the year.

I do not have a resolution for 2016 per se. I can’t think of any vice to give up or routine to start or anything (except maybe eat less).  I’m actually worried about this sense of perfection i feel..There should be something that needs fixing right?.. a bad habit or something.   So my prayer is for God to please open my eyes to areas i need to do better.  In my personal life as a wife,  friend,  daughter, basically as a human being..

As per plans for the year,  there are a couple of projects which I started in 2015 that I intend to follow through on and complete this year by the Grace of God. I also want excel at work. Opportunities abound and I need Grace to tap into them and succeed.

So for the Year 2016,  I plan to soar on the wings of Grace.

Grace in every aspect of my life is all I need. The ultimate plan for the year is to get closer and closer to God.

So what is your plan for 2016 and what word will you use to describe 2016?

Peace and love to all.