I love Saturday mornings.. My favorite day of the week(end).  Woke up by 7.  Hubby went to check on our site so I had a few hrs to kill before making breakfast.

Checked Bella Naija to catch up on the latest gist and it occurred to me that we hadn’t chatted with my friend B in about a month so I sent her a watsapp message to check up on her..  and she says “and i was just thinking about you” and i go “awww really?” Then we chatted for a bit.

Then I logged into my laptop to check some mails. Signed into Skype automatically  and saw P online..  haven’t spoken or chatted with P in a very long time.. about 3 years.. so I decided to say hi..  and we ended up chatting for about 30mins.  A bit about family life but mainly about work.

I really enjoyed our conversation.Learnt quite a bit from our short interaction and then I realized how much I had missed talking to her.

This all got me thinking about all the friends I hadn’t spoken to or chatted with in years.. 2/3 years.Why?

Why don’t we keep in touch? 

This is the Social media age,  communication with our loved ones is just a click away.  Yet there are friends we have not even said” hi” to in years.

The closest people get to keeping in touch is the occasional likes on pictures posted on social media.   Pictures now do all the talking and likes and comments have taken the place of phone calls or good ol’ IMs.

In my case I’m sort of waiting for the other party to make the first move.. guess they are also waiting for me to make the first move hence the stalemate.We all quietly carry on with our lives.not bothering to do the little things to keep friendships alive..

On the flip side,  it’s lovely to find out you still click with someone even when you haven’t spoken to that person in years.. just one chat and it’s like the years  or months of silence was never there..

So from today I’ve decide to try to keep in touch with at least 1 old friend every week. Send a watsapp or Skype or even Facebook message to that old friend or classmate I haven’t spoken to in years..

They just might have been waiting for me to make that first move.