On a whim,  I decided to post on my blog today. Years after my first blog post.Today happens to be exactly 5 years since I registered on WordPress.  What a coincidence.

5years. I’ve written countless entries in my many journals and diaries since then.. but nothing on the blog. For some strange reason I decided to post on the blog today..So here goes.

Now I‘m married. So far Its been a beautiful,  wonderful and amazing.  Marriage like everything in life has its ups and downs but its been mainly good times..  I have the most amazing husband and for this and many more I am very  thankful .. 

I’ll write about married life some other time but for today.. I want to write about being thankful! 

I’m hoping to inspire and encourage someone with this post..  Not sure if anyone will ever get to read this….still here goes….

There is always something to be thankful for.. You have everything you need to be happy in the moment.

I have lived this truth and so I’m saying this from a place of experience…

God has given you all you need to be happy in the moment. You may have an unanswered prayer.. something you  have been praying,  wishing or hoping for.. For months,  even years.. It may seem like every other person has it easy while you keep struggling month after month to get that one single wish.. You may think you have every reason to be sad or disappointed or even angry at God..  but think again. THINK a little more and..

You will realise God has done so much for you to be happy,  thankful and glad in the moment.

It could be a new job, years after you stopped hoping and praying for it. It could be unexpected favour upon your husband’s life.  It could be blessings on your family,  siblings and friends..

It could be that inexplicable joy you sometimes feel in your heart.  It could be that tiny ray of hope that shines forth every now and then.. It could be the simple joys of life like Saturday mornings in bed. Your Life, Your health, Your Job, Family, Friends, Peace of mind, Joy. There is so much to be thankful for.

Sure we all have trials and tough days/times/periods in our lives but don’t insult God and belittle His blessings by saying you don’t have anything to be grateful for.

The indisputable fact is that God is with you. God is on your matter. God is close to you. He has not forsaken you. His presence is always with you and He is helping you behind the scenes,  blessing you with things you have even stopped praying or hoping for.

God has a way of showing us that He is still with us even through the trying times. Through the disappointments and pain. He is always there.

So Be happy in the moment and keep that Ray of hope alive.. Keep joy in your heart.. believe me the ” Joy of the Lord” is real and you can have Joy regardless of what ever it is you’re going through. So make that mindset change today.

Peace and Love to all.